120 Enterprise Dr, Verona Wisconsin (608)848.5437 (KIDS)


The infant room is a bright, sunny room filled with the sounds of music and babies cooing. When you come in, you will find teachers on the floor surrounded by infants doing tummy time or bouncing in exer-saucers, playing with a multitude of interest-catching toys or becoming an Olympic Johnny-Jumper!


Children start in the infant room as early as six weeks of age and are lovingly guided through the stages of sitting up, learning to hold their own bottles, scooting, crawling, pulling themselves up and walking. Staff in the infant room sing to, smile at, talk with and love the little ones in their care as if they were their own. They communicate with parents through daily sheets as well as daily conversation when parents drop off and pick their children up.

At Tanya’s Big House 4 Kidz, the infant room is a reflection of the warmth and love, focusing on our tiniest people!

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