120 Enterprise Dr, Verona Wisconsin



Independent, funny, verbally proficient and adventuresome – these describe the learners in our 3 year old room! At this age, the classroom is designed for fun and learning with some structure and lots of adventure. Teachers develop curriculum with more detailed emphasis on pre-school activities. Transition times are filled with songs, story telling and guessing games.

Themes for threes are designed to stimulate their growing curiosity, enhance beginner reading and counting skills, introduce more complex concepts and encourage emerging self-regulatory skills. Projects become more intricate allowing for practice with scissors, glue and two or three step processes.

Good table manners are emphasized as well as healthy habits of all kinds.  There are daily classroom helpers and the children learn to cheer each other’s accomplishments.

Building friendships, having fun and encouraging learning are the daily activities in our three year old room. Threes are growing up fast and we like to make sure they enjoy every step of the way.