120 Enterprise Dr, Verona Wisconsin (608)848.5437 (KIDS)


Two year old children are toddlers with EXPERIENCE! They are stronger, more verbal, more active, more curious and love to explore with all their beings! This room is full of entertainment, excitement and wonder for our two year old. Our goal for this group is to help the children develop strong social skills, learn to ‘use their words’, love to play together – not just side by side and strengthen skills they began in the toddler room.

The room is wonderfully arranged to draw children into more detailed play activities and teachers are right there to lend a helping hand, a word of encouragement and an idea or two. Potty training is also accomplished before these little ones move up to the three year old room. It is a huge step in the lives of our twos.

Music, laughter, exploring, reading, reciting, dancing, learning in the most fun ways – this is the life of twos in their room!

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